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Solar Products Inc. offers many different infrared electric heaters including quartz composite face heaters (F/FBA Series), opaque fused quartz face heaters (Q-Series), quartz tubes (T-Series), metal/glass face heaters (M and G series), revolutionary fast response medium wave panel heater (V - Series), and specialty heaters.

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Higher Power, Longer Life
( V Series v.s. Pinned Elements )

The alloy used for stamped element heaters has an upper temperature limit of 2,370 oF. In conventional (pinned-element) construction however, the allowable temperature range is reduced by the poor hot-strength performance of their elements which are only intermittently supported by pins. Because the V series elements are securely anchored every 1/8” along their entire length, they are able to withstand higher element temperatures without sag or element bunching. In addition, the V shape makes the elements more rigid and controls the element’s thermal expansion and contraction so that the element will not distort even at extremely high temperatures. The exceptional hot strength extends the allowable temperature range for V series elements. The V series is available at watt densities up to 100WSI, a level that was previously unachievable by any medium wavelength panel heater.

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To illustrate the exceptional hot strength of the V-Series elements, the heaters were subjected to a torture test. The voltage was adjusted so that both heaters operated at an element surface load of 75 watts per square inch. This resulted in the competitor’s heater running at 2,040W and the V-Series heater running at 2,119W. The heaters were operated face-down and cycled on and off for 2.5 minute intervals. The test ran 24 hours a day for a period of two weeks.

The before and after photos show that the V series heater looks like new whereas the competitor’s has suffered a tremendous amount of element sag and creep. It simply cannot stand up to the element temperatures and wattage loading that the V series can. It should be noted that pinning every single loop would not be a good solution for conventional construction. Although this would diminish element sagging, it would significantly increase the cost, significantly weaken the board, significantly increase back losses, and create new thermal expansion issues.

After high temperature testing, the V series heater retains its original uniformity while the competitor has portions of elements hanging closer to the product than others. With difficult-to-process materials, this may result in non-uniform heating. The distorted element will fail more quickly as a result of element loops moving closer together and creating hot spots.
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