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Construction Options
Our furnaces/muffles can be constructed in sizes ranging from 3" - 60" (76.2 -1524 mm) in length and from 1/2" - 24" (12.7 - 609.6 mm) in diameter. Their solid metal housing is designed along with a ceramic fiber insulation in order to maintain an insulated environment. If a customer requires fast cool-down for an application, a perforated metal housing allows heat to escape quickly . On the other hand, if low pricing is paramount or an existing support mechanism is present, the furnace/muffle can be manufactured without any housing. Furnace/muffle entry styles include an open end, closed end, or vestibule end. A vestibule opening is designed to match another device, such as a bell jar entry used in semiconductor applications. Solar Products' furnaces/muffles can attain internal temperatures up to 1800°F (982°C) and are designed with watt densities ranging from 5 to 15 watts/in2 throughout their inner circumference. A furnace's watt density is often determined by a required internal temperature. Our furnaces/muffles can be controlled by a thermocouple extending through a thermowell hole that senses the internal operating temperature. Below are the design options from which you may choose.

 Large 24" (609.6 mm) inside diameter x
36" (914.4 mm) long
 Small 1/2" (12.7 mm) inside diameter x
3" (76.2 mm) long
 Housing Aluminum, aluminized steel, stainless steel, solid, perforated, or no housing
 Opening Closed end, open end, special end to match part profile, or with a vestibule end
 Power 5 - 15 watts/in2 (7.75 - 23.25 kW/m2)
Industrial Furnace

ImageClamshell Style

This design makes use of a complete metal shell that is hinged along the furnace length in order to enable the furnace to be accessibly opened.

Solid Cylinder

The solid cylinder is the more common design. This furnace style can be manufactured with a metal housing for better structured integrity or with no housing to reduce cost.

Image  Image 
 Large Cylinder Furnaces  Solid Cylinder Furnace
Image Image
 Houseless Cylinder Furnace  Small Cylinder Furnace

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