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We are happy to provide you with resources for learning more about infrared heat and its related applications.

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Engineering & Power Organizations

The Industrial Heating Equipment Association
An organization of industrial heating corporations.

Canadian Council on Electrotechnologies
The CCE represents Canada in the International Union for the Applications of Electricity. Through its activities and working groups, education, information, and technology, it seeks to develop more efficient industrial uses for electric energy. The organization's members are electric power producers, manufacturers, engineers, researchers, professors, and managers.

Carolina Power and Light

Advanced Energy
Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Advanced Energy is a national resource that focuses on studying industrial process technologies with state of the art laboratories for testing and applied research.

Educational Research

Project Skymath
This document was prepared for the middle school math teachers who are taking part in Project Skymath. It explains the scientific fundumentals related to temperature.

UMass Astrophysic - Blackbody Radiation
This site allows you to create a Blackbody emission curve for any temperature you choose. The site was constructed by Karen M. Strom.

UMass Astrophysic - Radidation Relationships
This webpage explores the relationships between the radiation from two blackbodies of two different temperatures.

Glenbrook District - The Physics Classroom
The Physics Classroom discusses the basic terminology and concepts of kinetic energy. This information is presented by the Glenbrook, IL High Schools.

Dr. Carr
Dr. Carr's current work at Georgia Tech involves heating, drying, and curing processes, particularly those utilizing electric-based technologies. He is also involved in characterizing infrared spectral properties of materials and emitters to find optimal matches for specific industrial applications.

Industry Case Studies & Discussion

Technologies for Surface Heating

The Exploratorium- Hot Spot
Learn how parabolic shapes concentrate energy.

Principles and Applications of Electrotechnologies Education Manual
182 pages from the Canadian Council on Electrotechnologies. A manual on applications of electrotechnologies in industry.

How Stuff Works - Thermos
Here is a great site to learn more about convection, conduction, and radiation through using an everyday object.

Tennesse Valley Authority Case Study
This Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) case study discuses NASCO's use of an electric infrared oven to speed up a coil springs' powder-coating process.

Southern Company- Infrared Curing Discussion
A discussion about the advantages of infrared curing in powder coating applications provided by The Technology Applications Center (TAC). TAC was established to assist Georgia Power's Industrial Customers in evaluating electric-based technologies including infrared processing., TAC has two infrared systems and a powder coating spray booth to test and demonstrate powder and ir curing.

Duke Power- Infrared Heating & Textile Case Study
Duke Power provides a case study on the use of infrared heating for pre-drying textiles at American Fast Print.

Duke Power- Wheel Whim Curing Case Study
Duke Power provides another case study on the use of infrared heating for curing powder on wheel rims.

Duke Power- Drying and Heating Case Study
This Duke Power Case Study on the use of infrared heating pre-dryer for a slasher operation that is used for drying and dying filament yarn.

Powder Coating- Curing Articles
A list of articles and case studies written in Powder Coating on the subject of curing with infrared.
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