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Solar Products Inc. offers many different infrared electric heaters including quartz composite face heaters (F/FBA Series), opaque fused quartz face heaters (Q-Series), quartz tubes (T-Series), metal/glass face heaters (M and G series), revolutionary fast response medium wave panel heater (V - Series), and specialty heaters.

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Electrical Termination Options

Flag Type

ImageThe flag type terminal consists of a flat piece of stainless steel that is .350" (8.9mm) wide x .032" (0.81mm) thick with a .187" (4.75mm) hole near the end. This is our preferred termination because of the excellent electrical contact that is achieved with this type of connection. All of the electrical terminal options are typically housed within a 2" x 4" (51mm x 101.6 mm) or 4" x 4" (101.6 mm x 101.6 mm) electrical box.

Stud Type No. 1

ImageThe stud type terminal consists of a threaded stud that exits the heater for an electrical connection. A number of different connection lengths and stud sizes are available. The disadvantage of a stud type terminal is the electrical current limit of the stud. An electrical current is only carried on the threads of the stud.

Stud Type No. 2

ImageAnother version of this connection is the ceramic block flag type terminal. This design makes use of a flag type terminal exiting the heater that is bent over a ceramic mounting block with a vertically mounted stud. This approach uses the stud as a means of easy connection but not as a current-carrying device. Therefore, higher current can be carried through the electrical connection. This type of connection is not available on all heaters.

Wire Leads

ImageWire leads is a fourth termination option available on Solar Products' heaters. This option is only available on heaters having a watt density lower than 10 watts per square inch (15.5 kW/m2). A high temperature wire is resistance welded to an intermediate piece of stainless steel, and the steel piece is in turn resistance welded to the heating element. The wire leads can be fabricated in any required length.

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