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Solar Products Inc. offers many different infrared electric heaters including quartz composite face heaters (F/FBA Series), opaque fused quartz face heaters (Q-Series), quartz tubes (T-Series), metal/glass face heaters (M and G series), revolutionary fast response medium wave panel heater (V - Series), and specialty heaters.

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T-Series Quartz Tubes
T-Series quartz tubes are available in a multitude of different customizable configurations.

T-Series Quartz Tubes

The quartz tubing can be constructed as either clear or translucent, and the tube's coils can be produced as standard or fast response. Their terminations are manufactured as flag type, stud type, wire leads, wire terminal, quick disconnect, fuse type, or single-ended type. Our quartz tubes are available with no reflector, an internal ceramic reflector, or a gold-backed reflector. The tubes' watt density can be done up to 60 watts/lineal inch, and the tubes have a maximum length of 90". They can be pre-assembled into a fixture or purchased individually.

Tubes vs. Lamps

Quartz tubes and quartz lamps are often thought to be interchangeable terms. However, this is actually not true. A chart comparing their differences is shown below:
Comparative Points Quartz Lamps (T3) Quartz Tubes
Color Sensitivity - the effect product color has on heating cycle times Yes (Example: white-colored products will take longer to heat than black) Minimal
Wavelength Primarily short-wave Primarily medium-wave
Type of element Tungsten filament in a vacuum (Usually an inert gas, such as argon is used) Iron-Chromium-Aluminum element (Nickel-Chromium is also used)
Power output per tube Up to 200 watts/lineal inch Up to 60 watts/lineal inch
Power output over a given area Up to 60 watts/in2 is common Up to 60 watts/in2
Power switch device Expensive phase-angle SCR Reasonably priced zero-cross SCR or SSR
Temperature response Up to temperature in 2-4 seconds
Up to color in 1-2 seconds
Up to temperature in 5-30 seconds, depending on the design
Inrush current 700% - 1000% 7% initial current
Terminal cooling requirements Air or water cooling required No cooling requirements
Design flexibility Standard sizes available Custom manufactured in length, wattage, voltage, and termination
Typical life expectancy <5,000 Hours 10,000 Hours
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